Vianor tyre chain

We are a professional company in the tire and automotive service that understands and specializes in the manufacture and sales of products focused on winter conditions. We offer tires and auto service easily, quickly and reliably. Vianor has 12 outlets in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts.
Vianor’s skilled employees sell and mount tires on passenger cars, vans, light trucks, and fleet vehicles. In addition to tires, Vianor offers, automotive supplies and automotive servicing.
Vianor tire stores in the USA are a part of Nokian Tyres’ Vianor tire chain, which now consists of over 1500 outlets in 27 countries. Nokian Tyres owns 212 outlets and the others operate on a franchising basis. Vianor chain is being rapidly expanded especially in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
The name Vianor comes from the Latin phrase meaning “northern way.” It reflects Vianor’s key idea of being an expert on Nordic conditions.
Comprehensive offering, inexpensive pricing
Vianor offers a comprehensive range of tires for passenger cars, vans, and light trucks. Vianor sells over one million passenger car and van tires annually. The represented brands include Nokian Tyres, Bridgestone and Firestone. The high-sales volume also benefits consumers, because large purchase batches enable better pricing advantages and the availability of a comprehensive product range.

Vianor stores also sell various car-related products, such as windshield wiper blades, batteries and shock absorbers.

Car servicing and five-star tire service
In addition to tire mounting and rim installation, Vianor customers can have their vehicles inspected, tires rotated, wheels aligned, brakes serviced, air conditioning serviced, and oils or shock absorbers changed.

In addition, Vianor has a Tire Hotel service, with which Vianor stores out-of-season tyres for the customer. The tire hotel service includes tire handling, washing, storage and mounting.